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Kimberly Clay

Hi. I'm Kimberly Clay.

My guess is that you've landed here because you're seeking to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck treadmill, break away from the stressful "rat race", put an end to your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) life, or simply and finally attain the life you want to live. It's very frustrating to put the life you want for yourself and your family on hold, simply because you don't have the financial support or flexibility to live the life you dream about. Believe me, I know. And you're likely tired of fast-talking, hype-driven, oversold and under-delivered "opportunities" that didn't help you get any closer to achieving your goals and solving your problems.

So you've come to the Internet for solutions. Maybe you want to create an Internet business - build your very own business online. But you may have found online income more elusive than you originally thought. Among all of the home Internet business and online business opportunities, you're more confused than ever. You can't seem to find real, helpful information about online business. Too much noise and hype. But finding what works, and just as importantly what doesn't, is crucial.

Here at, you're provided valuable information to help you find the solutions you need to start a home business online. We've done the research to connect you with some of the best resources available to help you to succeed with a home Internet business. As you work to develop home income, establish your home based business, or search to find the best solutions to achieve your income and wealth-building goals, we're here to help you to build a successful home online business, find business opportunity online, and uncover other information to aid you as you navigate your home based Internet business or entrepreneurial course.

You can create an online home business and escape the "9 to 5" forever, with the right knowledge and tools. The 'trick' is knowing where to begin and following good advice and good models. Starting right will save you precious money and time. I know that from my own experience. As you work at home to build your online business and the life of your dreams, let us be a partner to your home business Internet success.

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   How Beginners Can Make Money Online

Click any of the following links or the link above for information on how you can make money online, even as a novice.  

Affiliate Marketing Income  
Don't have your own products or services to sell? Visit our affiliate marketing section for helpful information and tips to get started with affiliate marketing (selling other people's products and earning a commission).

Make Money Blogging 
Right now, a popular means of beginning an online business, home income is by blogging. If becoming a blogger interests you, check out " Blogging for Profit" to find out more about how to make money blogging.

Work from home employment
If you're not interested in having a home business online of your own,  check out these legitimate work from home opportunities to find home employment including clerical jobs, human resource positions, web design and more!

Online Auctions 
If You Want To Make Money With Online Auctions, there are people who are making part-time, and some full-time income by auctioning products and services (their own, or someone else's). Visit our
online auctions income section for some help to get you started.


If You've Already Started A Home Based Business, but your business opportunity online is moving slowly and you're making little or no money, or you just need a little help to increase your online income, then you need the information contained here for multiple ways of making money online . You will find money-making ideas and strategies to help you to begin being profitable and growing your Internet business.

Forming partnerships and Joint Ventures is also an effective strategy for building your business online and incresing your online income. JVs are a strategy that helps you to leverage your resources, build your prospect list and gain access to targeted customers interested in your business's products and services. Check out our section on Joint Ventures to find the help you need.

For part-time income , just a little extra home income each month for groceries or  small luxuries, activities or hobbies, check out Project Payday . With this program, you can be up and running and beginning to earn easy cash in no time at all.

  • It's super simple.  Anyone can do it.
  • You can be up and running in under an hour.
  • Training Videos walk you through everything.
  • You can get started today at ZERO COST to you.

Finally, if you'd like to get additional information or talk to me on a regular basis, be sure to visit my blog . If you'd like to subscribe to my blog , you may do so by clicking on the orange icon at the top left of the page.


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    In addition to effective money making strategies and partnerships, successful Internet marketers require the tools and resources to help them succeed. Our Online Marketing Tools & Resources provide you with recommendations.

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