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The Affiliate Marketing Fairytale

Everybody wants that magic know the one. That magic “make money” button you push when “PRESTO CHANGO!” all of a sudden you've got money falling out of your pockets, and you didn't have to do a thing but sign up for this affiliate program or that affiliate system. Once you did that, the money just started gushing in!
Like Santa Claus, there is no magic “make money” button no matter how much we want to believe. And affiliate programs are no exception. Affiliate programs can't magically make money appear for you out of thin air. But, you can make a considerable amount of cash from affiliate programs, even become wealthy doing so, if you have the right knowledge and tools.
The Affiliate Marketing Reality
Finding and joining affiliate programs is easy to do. There are gazillions of them out there. But the trick to making money from them is focusing on your affiliate based business, and recognizing just that: it's your business.
If you find and subsequently represent a reputable merchant and decide to promote their high-quality product, that's great. But understand that from the point at which you sign on, the merchant has really done their part. And while your success is tied to their greater success which motivates many of them to provide marketing attributes and support to help you to succeed, it's your responsibility to grow your business.
The merchant has no doubt spent a considerable amount of time and effort to research and develop a superior product. They have shouldered considerable expense and risks related to such a venture. And they have done the work of building a reputation based on expertise, trust, reliability and service so that consumers may feel comfortable purchasing their product or service.
It is your job then, as an affiliate, to bring to the merchant a steady stream of potential customers to whom he may sell his product. And to do that, you have to do some work yourself. This involves a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:
  1. Knowing the characteristics of the group that you're marketing to - who your customer is, what they're looking for, what problems they want to solve or what they desire.
  2. Being knowledgeable about the product you're promoting - what makes it good, what makes it unique, how it solves a problem or satisfies a desire of the customer.
  3. Knowing where or how to find the customer and attract them to the place that you have prepared for them to become receptive to the merchant's product or offer.
  4. And providing a favorable customer environment - giving the customer sufficient information he or she needs to be open to making a purchase from the merchant you represent.

These are some of the most basic tasks required for your affiliate business to be successful and to make money. And all of it takes work.
So no, there isn't a magic “money making” button attached to affiliate programs. However if you arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools, you can be very successful with affiliate marketing and quite possibly make money while you sleep!
If affiliate maketing is an income strategy that interests you, then I recommend these two places to begin your research and exploration for further information:


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