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Joint Ventures

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A Joint Venture is a business activity jointly engaged in by two or more companies or individuals who agree to share the initial investment, risks and profits.

One of the most attractive aspects of Joint Ventures is that they are a totally FREE means of increasing your advertising efforts and your "market reach", and they can produce exponential results in a very short period of time.

There are many types of Joint Venture arrangements. One of the most common arrangements online occurs when two marketers combine their email lists, and promote a common product or service to both lists.

Online, Joint Ventures have become popular strategies for beginners to benefit from relationships with established marketers, for marketers of similar skills and resources to amplify their efforts, and for two or more successful marketers to combine efforts and greatly increase their outcomes (profit).

When several marketers pool their resources, they gain more leverage from their individual efforts. This is what makes Joint Ventures so attractive and often highly profitable, because of the huge potential for greater profits.

Joint Venture arrangements often allow marketers reach more customers.

Through JVs, marketers with substantial customer lists are often able to add to the products and services they have available to offer. Another great advantage of joint ventures (JVs) is that each marketer may very likely end up offering their customers a better quality product or more value with his/her purchase. This comes as a result of two or more marketers combining their knowledge and expertise. No one entrepreneur or marketer is skilled at all aspects of a product or service offering. One may have a better handle on product development and production, while another may be more creative, have better writing and marketing abilities, while another may be more skilled at managing opt-in lists or customer service. Combining efforts therefore translates into better product and services.

Finding a partner to joint venture with can be difficult for some.

For individuals who are "bashful" or intimidated in approaching potential partners, joint venturing may seem difficult strategy to implement, at least in the beginning. Individuals at the other end of the spectrum may experience difficulties of a different nature.

There are individuals who are new or inexperienced in Internet marketing who simply assume that well-known and very successful Internet entrepreneurs will simply "jump" at the chance to take advantage of any and every joint venture proposal submitted to them. Not! The less experienced marketers fail to understand that successful marketers receive hundreds upon hundreds of JV proposals; some good, but a lot of them extremely bad. Setting up a JV takes some finesse, and certainly a very fair amount of preparation. Why? Because when you embark upon a JV, you're initiating a relationship, not just arranging a sale.

If you are fortunate enough to find a suitable and compatible partner(s), develop a mutually satisfying and beneficial plan, and are then able to execute a Joint Venture successfully, then all of the work and effort you put into setting it up will have been very much worth your trouble.

The Internet is an amazing place, connecting people from across town and around the world. It offers wonderful and quite valuable opportunities for interaction and networking with entrepreneurs at every level. Forums, membership sites, as well as "competing" or complementary websites all offers opportunities for forming JV partnerships.


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