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Kimberly Clay

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The Rest Of The Story...

I began investigating ways to make money through work at home business opportunities, supplemental income and residual income more than twenty years ago. I am college educated, have always been on a positive career track (but not always on a positive money making track), and have been very fortunate to experience good employment circumstances and positions.

In the beginning of my professional career, I accepted employment positions based on needed skills and experience opportunities rather than how much money I would make. So, when I first began investigating ways to make money through work at home business opportunities, it was primarily to supplement my income.

I got involved in various opportunities including making money selling insurance and financial products, trying to make money building teams of partners to sell personal and nutritional products, as well as attempting to make money by forming marketing organizations from family and friends. I've tried to make money through MLM's, something called lateral or bilateral marketing (supposedly different from MLM's) and more.

As I progressed in my career, it didn't take long for me to realize that in order to successfully make money, accumulate wealth and become financially secure, free and happy, I really needed my own business. Positioned in my own business, I'd be motivated to make money and succeed through my own vision, I would have ultimate decision-making power, and all of my hard work would serve to further the goals I had, and would help me to truly make money and become financially independent. Sound familiar?

The thing is that no work at home business opportunity that I became involved in proved nearly as successful (i.e. I was making money) as I was led to believe. It didn't matter how hard I worked a business to make money, nor that I put all of my limited financial resources into trying to make a work at home business opportunity successful and profitable.

The "opportunities" just plain didn't work. Most ended up costing me significant amounts of money rather than providing a means for me to make money. I read books, listened to business, marketing and "money making" tapes, attended marketing, business and financial seminars ad nauseum. Truth is that in spite of all of my efforts to make money, become successful in my own business, I continued living from paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet. Sound familiar?

I found that no matter my level of education (by the way, that expensive education cost money and never included teaching me the things I needed to know about how to make money) or the "day job" I held, lack of money continued to be a source of problems, difficulty and struggle . The stress, energy drain and frustration of dealing with money issues day after day was enormous! And working to "cover up" that fact from family, friends and neighbors, and especially co-workers and business associates could be excruciating. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Then the Internet came along, and it was a wunderkind of commerce. Talk about business opportunities...An Internet business opportunity seemed to be everywhere I looked! Internet business, online business, virtual enterprise; what a cool concepts. Now, not only did business seekers have the ability to become worldwide business owners through the "magic" of Internet business enterprises, they could take advantage of any one Internet business opportunity and create online empires from the comfort of home (while in their underpants). Eureka! Or so we thought.

Turns out that  scammers, bogus "money making" schemes where only a very few make money, and downright frauds quickly made the transition into cyberspace . Internet business opportunity seekers had to become very adept at reviewing Internet ventures to ferret out the ones that are really worth a darn or even come close to delivering what they promise.

So, after many years of trying, testing, failing and trying again, I've published this website as a resource for others searching for legitimate Internet business opportunities and money making solutions , not the scams.


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