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One of the Internet businesses that we have reviewed and tested extensively is of course, eBay. Over a period of nearly ten years now we have studied eBay and its services, both from the consumer's and seller's perspectives.

If you are starting a small business to sell products on the Internet, eBay is the best "business incubator" there is.

"If I Want To Develop My Own Internet Business And Make Money With Online Auctions, Why Would I Want To Use eBay?"

ebaY is the one place for online business where the playing field is as advantageous for you to make money from home as it is for “the big guys”.

Nowhere else can a small business access such a level of merchant systems, resources, services and tools designed specifically to make yours a successful Internet business venture. And we won't even talk about the sheer volume of potential customers that eBay attracts. For certain, there are plenty copycats of the eBay model, both large and small, but don't be fooled.

eBay is the only Internet marketing entity that has developed a near-perfect buyer and seller environment.

From webpage design, product presentation and promotion, to payment systems, customer communications and relationship development, eBay is at the top of the game. They do a phenomenal job of balancing the advantages and benefits of their sites for you as a seller, and for your customers so that their buying experience with you is of high quality and satisfaction, is as efficient as possible, and is so pleasant and enjoyable that it's almost addictive.

eBay consists of its main website as well as offshoots that cater to several targeted niches. The “big three” eBay sites include, eBay's, and eBay Stores. The first step in becoming a merchant on one of eBay's sites is to complete the FREE registration. You can register on eBay, or at eBay Stores. The eBay system is extremely user-friendly, offers tutorials, has tons of information and tools to help you to become successful, and its very economical.

eBay Stores allows merchants to actually set up a “virtual store” where customers may view and select items, and then immediately purchase them without going through the auction process. The advantages to opening an eBay Store to make money from home include:

  • Access to over 200 million shoppers worldwide
  • A customizable eBay storefront for your business
  • Brand-building tools
  • Sales and marketing tools that keep buyers coming back
  • Store Inventory
  • Dedicated, toll-free phone support

You can open your business and begin selling products to customers literally within minutes of registering for FREE on eBay Stores., the main website, is an online auction site. In this environment, a seller lists their product(s), determines the length of their auction (usually 7 days, but it can be a short as 3 days or as long as 30 days.), then awards their product to the winning bidder at the auction's end. offers books, music, movies, CDs, and video games and gaming systems at reduced prices. moreitems are immediately available from listings where the item is consistently discounted.

Take advantage of eBay's FREE registration and take it for a test drive. See for yourself what a great opportunity it provides for developing your Internet Business or Homebased Business.

By the way... if you're searching for products to sell on eBay, we recommend . SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier directory specializing in finding and reviewing wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, dropshippers and liquidators. SaleHoo offers an up-to-date wholesalers directory to supply you with namebrand saleable inventory, and their directory includes listings for dropshippers who will save you the time and trouble involved with keeping your own inventory. SaleHoo offers legitimate wholesale and supplier sources, updated information, and free lifetime membership with information updates.

Not interested in selling eBay auction items? Click here  to find out how to make money with eBay without selling a thing at auction...




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