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Kimberly Clay

Okay...Here's one of the 'secrets' of a successful Internet business and building wealth online. Are you ready? The secret is...

Web traffic. Targeted web traffic.

Disappointed? I know, you thought the answer was some deep hidden gem. But it's so simple that it's almost ridiculous. However, you wouldn't believe how many people fail to make money online because they don't pay adequate attention to this basic premise.

No matter what product or service you're promoting, you don't have a business if there's no one to sell to.

And, just as importantly, if you have thousands of people coming to your website, but you don't offer what they want or need, you might as well not have anyone at all. You can't coerce or force people to buy what they are not interested in. And why would you want to?

You have to find the audience that's looking for what you're offering.

Once you've accomplished that task, you've made a huge step toward making a wonderful income online.

And I'll let you in on another little secret. While it may be very tempting to “buy” traffic for your site, restrain yourself.

Buying traffic usually gets you two things: bad prospects and broke.

Not to be confused with investing money in marketing techniques (such as pay per click programs like Google Adwords), I have yet to purchase web traffic that was better than junk. Don't do it. There are several reasons why.

First, you're immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage. You're placing yourself in the position of going to the customer and asking him to buy your product or service, rather than him coming to you to see what you have to sell. Secondly, even if you were fortunate enough to get customers from the traffic that you purchase, what do you do when the traffic is gone? You have to continually buy more traffic. A costly prospect.

You'll be much better off having spent your time optimizing your site and building link relationships with other online entities, so that your site generates traffic “organically” or from naturally occurring online searches. There are other things that you can do to generate interest in and traffic to your site. Article writing and submission, participating in forums, and creating blogs, may take time to produce results, but you'll be much farther along in the search for your target audience.

The other 'secret' to having a successful and profitable online entreprise is building your own list.

If you are serious about wealth building through a successful online business, you eventually must have your own prospect list. Your list is developed from the individuals who visit your site. Why is this list important? Because your visitors are already interested in what you offer, they already need what you supply, they already desire what you have. So as you interact with them, provide a product or service to them, build a relationship with them, you are laying the groundwork and potential for future business or referrals for business. And either one or both of these situations are good ones for you.

We recommend these excellent tools to help you to:

  1. Generate targeted traffic to your website, and

  1. Build an opt-in or permission-based client list. (A permission-based client list means that your customers have indicated by giving permission for you to contact them, that they are interested in what you have to offer and do not feel that your contact with them is unwanted or a nuisance.)

SEO Book is a great site for webmasters, especially beginners, with plenty of free tools and information to assist you. Their free Keyword Search Tool is something I have personally used many times. They also have a free Rank Checker and SEO for Firefox. Seo Book provides excellent assistance for garnering targeted traffic to your website.

AWeber Communications provides the most comprehensive way for you to establish, maintain and build you communications with your site visitors and customers. Their service features include autoresponder and newsletter features, follow-up campaigns, subscriber management, unlimited newsletter messaging, reports and statistics, ad tracking, awesome customer support, and

training videos. We have found that AWeber Communications personnel has extensive, expert knowledge in their field and provides the service that will help you build your business quickly, professionally and profitably!


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