Live Streaming Video For Your Website

Live streaming video for your website has increasingly become much more popular outside of the realm of "techies" and is now becoming more commonplace among "regular" websites. There is of course no doubt that video is a powerful marketing tool.

Streaming Video Secrets

Development of high-quality video products goes a long way in persuading clientele that the Internet marketer or entity behind a website is "on the cutting edge" of technology and presents an image of authority or expertise. Webmasters and Internet marketers are employing video technology in a variety of uses including introductions to websites, invitations to subscribe to sites, newsletters, promotions pieces distributed to customers, press releases and more.

Creating instant streaming video allows an Internet marketer a means to develop a relationship with clientele that provides a perception of being familiar and intimate on a level that is not easily achieved with a simple text-based presence. It offers clients a feeling of "knowing" the person or persons behind a website. And that "personal connection perception" on behalf of the consumer translates into dollars and "sense" for the marketer.

Videos added to your website can be used to create informal (or formal) introductions of your business or product, infomercials, mini-seminars, training, special promotional messages, as a viral tool and more.

If you're a webmaster, instant streaming video for your website is probably something you're considering if you haven't already employed the technology in some way. And certainly video technology is something that will only improve and come to more and better use in the future.

Paul Hooper-Kelly has an excellent home study course on streaming website video. Paul has 40 years of marketing experience, and since 2004 has produced his own web video and DVD products of his nearly $2,000-a-seat marketing seminars. 

Here is a copy of a product review from Terri Roberts of

"An absolute must for anyone that wants to learn about using video". So wrote Terri of 2MinuteVideo. Here's the full review . . .

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For Those of you who may not need a home study course, but want to install live streaming video onto your website...


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Here Are A Few Things You Can Do By Installing Live Streaming Video For Your Website

  • Video ads or infomercials
  • Company presentations or talks
  • Funny, strange, helpful, or "cool" videos that go viral
    & create an avalanche of traffic to your website
  • Webcam messages to website visitors or newsletter subscribers
  • Training videos for your subscribers, friends, affiliates, and so on
  • Videos for organizations, churches, and so on
  • Promotional videos for a band
  • Family videos on your personal website

And much, MUCH more!

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