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SEO Elite

 Kimberly Clay

SEO Elite is a program that can help you to get high listings in search engines by providing you with a whole host of statistics regarding your web pages, and analyzing the search engine optimization they contain.

If you want to be successful with an online business, it is essential that you have your own website. Irrespective of whether your business involves affiliate marketing, selling your own product or providing a service, you need a website. Sure, there are ways of making money online without a website of your own, or by using one provided free to you by one network marketing program or another, but they allow you no latitude in how to use the site, and ultimate success comes from your own site.

Once you have a website, and have put a few pages on it that look great to you, you sit back and wait for the cash to roll in, but nothing happens. Why is that? It could be because none of your web pages have been listed on the search engines, or that you have no links to and from your website. The two main ways of getting free advertising for your web pages are either by being listed on Google and the other search engines, and by having links to your web pages from other websites.

If you could find a way of finding out if and where your web pages were listed on the major search engines, and also if you had links to any pages on your websites from other sites, would that be worth anything to you? Donít answer that, because of course it would! In fact it would be worth a lot of money, not just to you but to anybody with an internet presence, including the very top websites online.

That is why SEO Elite is so popular and worth every cent you pay for it. Letís check out what SEO Elite provides for you. Its most important features will be itemized because there is so much in this program it is impossible to cover them all. However, here are those that will be of most use to anybody trying to get an online business started and get traffic to their website.

A site is useless without traffic, and that is a problem that SEO Elite is designed to solve for you.

1. It tells you how many of your pages rank in the search engines: SEO Elite crawls Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines to provide you with valuable information regarding your listing position for the keywords of your choice. Just enter the keywords in a box, and you will find out if you are listed for each. It provides the top web pages for each keyword you list, and you can also request to see the Google PageRank and Alexa Rank for each page that is competing against yours.

2. You can find instantly who your competitors are for each keyword. This is extremely important information, because you can then check out these sites and view their source code. That is the CSS and HTML they are using on each page, and how they are optimizing their web pages. What meta tags, Title tags and keywords they are using.

3. How would you like to find some Superaffiliates just dying to promote your products for you? How valuable is that? There is software out there selling for just under $100 that does just that, but you get it included with SEO Elite 4! It tells you who are promoting your competitorsí products, so you can contact them and get yours promoted too.

4. You can not only carry out a search on all the main search engines to find out who is back-linking to who, but also to make sure that your own back-links are still live. Links back to your website determine your Google PageRank, and that has an impact on your search engine results position (SERP). This information can help you to improve your SERPs beyond your wildest dreams. Believe me, it works very well, and without it you will never achieve the position that you can in Googleís listings. If you donít check your own backlinks regularly, then you could be bleeding PageRank from your site. Everybody should be checking up on this, and SEO Elite does it for you, saving hours of work Ė it will slash your workload by more than half.

5. It will maintain a record of exactly where your web pages are listed on all the major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, for specific search terms or keywords. This is done not only monthly, but also daily and weekly, and you are notified whenever your web pages slip or rise in the listings. That information is so valuable that it is worth the price itself. You can take immediate action to halt the slip, or even carry out testing on your site and get instant results as soon as a change occurs. Testing is so important to your success that many pay hundreds of dollars just for this kind of information.

6. SEO Elite analyzes the content of your web pages and compares the normal search terms used with the Ďalliní terms - allintext, allinanchor and allintitle. What that means to you is that you can better optimize the use of your keyword in your body text, anchor text (used in links), or in the titles of your web pages. Once these have optimized your listing positions can be improved.

7. If you want to find out what websites or advertising sites your main competitors are placing their adverts on, then fire up SEO Elite and you can find out. You can check out the wording of their adverts, improve on it and then place yours directly against them on the same online publications. If this isnít worth a lot of money than I donít know what is.

8. You can find which websites that you are linked to have been penalized by Google and then delete the link on your site. This will avoid the penalty also being applied to you. Although this penalty will not be directly applied, it will be in the sense that the position of your web pages in the Google listings will suffer through such links.

9. Article marketing is a significant part of most webmasters' advertising and promotional campaigns. In fact, many spend a lot of money in submitting their articles to article directories. Some directory submission software, such as Article Submitter Pro, cost over $150. SEO Elite provides an article submission program that allows you to submit your articles to all the top article directories at the press of a button for each. It works in the same was as other article submission software and is included in SEO Elite at no extra cost.

10. Finally, all of the above features of SEO Elite are available as separate programs all over the web from a large number of companies, and any that have the same functionality as any individual feature of SEO Elite will cost you $97 or more. It is worth the price charged for its fabulous article submission software alone, but its main worth lies in providing you with all the information and statistics you need to get your web pages ranked top in Google, Yahoo, MSN and the rest.

Keep in mind that the guy responsible for this software, Brad Callen, is one of the Internet's foremost experts on SEO. He would not offer an inferior product since it would do his reputation irreparable harm. This product is one of the best on the internet at the moment, and if used in conjunction with its sister product, Keyword Elite , will provide any internet marketer, newbie or guru, with a set of tools that should virtually guarantee extremely high positions in the search engine listings for those that know how to use it.

There is no doubt that SEO Elite is one of the software packages of the decade for anybody involved in internet marketing, which is why it is also one of the best selling. If you donít buy it then your competitors will, if they donít already have it, and you will have to work all the harder to attempt to keep up annually with what SEO Elite is doing for them.

This is not just sales talk, because those who have used SEO Elite will say the same thing. You will find it hard to compete against somebody that owns it since they will have a massive head start in the analysis needed to operate a successful website.

To purchase SEO Elite, click here.


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