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The Warrior Manifesto

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Kimberly Clay

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The Warrior Manifesto


The Warrior Manifesto is one of the best ebooks you will find for beginners to Internet Marketing and making money online. It was written by Michalis Kotzakolios, otherwise known as "Big Mike" (an immensely successful and generous entrepreneur, and a really great friend in this business) for individuals new to the Warrior Forum. But the information contained in the ebook is relevant to anyone new to "establishing and managing a profitable online business".

The Warrior Manifesto is a 150+ page practical guide to managing an online business . It's full of valuable and effective information, tips, strategies and truths regarding making money online, including but not limited to Internet marketing. The name "The Warrior Manifesto" comes from the Warrior Forum , an immensely valuable tool for up-and-coming Internet marketers, as well as established and successful entrepreneurs.

The Warrior Manifesto includes strategies that Big Mike uses daily that have allowed him (at the time this ebook was written) to have a customer base of over 10,000 in his online business, and to enjoy annual earnings in six figures from the Warrior Forum alone.

You will find that this ebook is a tool that you'll return to repeatedly for information, help and guidance as you navigate your way in establishing an online business.

Here is a sampling of just a few of the things you'll learn:

  • What the Warrior Forum is and how it works.

  • The basics of starting an online business, including how to start with little financial resources.

  • Customer relations.

  • How to develop your own product.

  • How to make money in the Warrior Forum.

  • Success stories from Warrior Forum members.

The Warrior Manifesto has been a very valuable tool to me, and I am quite certain it will be for you too.

To get your free copy of the Warrior Manifesto, simply complete the subscription form at the top-right of this page, and you can download your copy immediately!

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