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Work From Home Employment

Kimberly Clay's Blog


Work from home employment has been available seemingly forever, but it is only with the explosion of the Internet and online working opportunities, that it became regarded as more than slave labor. Everybody is well aware of the problems associated with traditional types of home employment, where you would spend all day stuffing envelopes, for example, for just a few dollars.

That type of business rarely presented genuine work from home employment, but the Internet has helped to change that. The increase in online home businesses has brought a higher degree of legitimacy and respectability to these working from home opportunities, and influenced growth of genuine opportunities to make real money from home.

However, a word of warning, before deciding that you want to make money working from home. If you have a daytime job, keep it. The vast majority of individuals seeking to work from home fail within their first few months. Often, their expectations of instant financial success are widely unrealistic. It takes time, effort and discipline to build up a work from home ethos that enables you to work from home sucessfully, and organize each day so that you make a living wage.

Irrespective of the source of your regular income: a regular job, part time work or social security, keep it and start building your work from home enterprise slowly. Begin to develop your work on a part-time basis and see how it goes while still maintaining the security of your regular income. Then if working from home doesnít work for you, you have lost nothing but your time and can try something else.

So, once you are ready, there are a number of online opportunities available for you. You have to find out what work from home employment is available and what companies are hiring. Possessing a specific skill will make it easier for you, but is not necessary. If you have no particular skill, then among the opportunities available to you are carrying out surveys that can pay well, filling in online forms and online data entry that many find very profitable, and also reading emails and opening adverts. You can also become a mystery shopper and yes, you can still stuff envelopes. In fact you can do all of these and have multiple sources of income so that you are not relying on just the one.

If you have general skills there are additional jobs open to you, such as driving jobs from home if you have a driverís license, and some companies are even seeking telecommuters. These are people who are able to carry out work from home employment by telephone or computer. There is telecommuting work available from reputable companies in accounting, computer programming and clerical work to name but three.

You should build a career plan and write down how much money you need to make to live comfortably, and what you would ultimately like to make. Write down the advantages of working from home, and then write down all of your skills, and all the different types of jobs you think yourself capable of. Then look online for what is available that can use your skills.

Perhaps you can work from home as an illustrator or advertising artist. You donít have to work from an office to do that - or perhaps as a translator, accountant or copy editor. These are all jobs offering work from home employment opportunities, and each of them is available online at this very moment.

Many parents find it difficult to go out to work each morning leaving their children behind. You only get to watch a child grow up once; not only watch them grow up, but help them to grow up properly. You can do that when you work from home. You can arrange your day around your family, and work mostly in the evening if you want. It is the ultimate in flex-time, and something that many people can do exceptionally well.

However, it also something that many people do not have the personal discipline for. They take time off to watch a television program; they miss a deadline because the children want to go to the park. Many fail because they canít look upon the home job as being as important as working in an office, even though that home job could still involve working for an employer. You must have self discipline.

Sure, bank the time that you saved in not having to commute and spend it with the kids, and thank your lucky stars that you no longer have drive through all that traffic in pouring rain. Sure, take your breaks when you want to, and take time for the school run, but make it up in the evening. Work out how much work you must do each day to meet your objective or budget, and make sure that you do it.

If you can achieve that, and your budgeted amount of work is enough to provide you with a good living, then you will succeed in your work from home employment. Make your dream a reality, and make it work for you by you working for it.

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